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We are a team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals, focused on finding sustainable and disruptive solutions to complex challenges that have very few organizations are focussed on.

We are sharply focussed on customer convenience and value. We use design to solve for unmet customer needs. Our product design is the solution.

Our most recent Innovation

In our pursuit of sustainable solutions, we are glad to announce that our first innovation is dedicated to women’s needs for period care. Along with enduring the cramping pains and constant worry of leakage and spotting, disposing used sanitary pads is a struggle for women. There are multiple solutions available for sustainable and/or safe disposal of pads. But none of these solutions have scaled. 80% of the used pads are incorrectly disposed of and almost all solutions are disposed in a “non-sustainable” fashion. 

Used sanitary pads are a biohazard waste and incorrect disposal translates to an environmental and health disaster. And we believe this is because, none of the solutions are CONVENIENT. To scale “sustainability” and to enable “safe disposal”, we believe the Customer’s convenience is the KEY. 

After 5 years of development, we have succeeded in developing a novel “Flushable Sanitary Pads” that can be thrown into the toilet and flushed. Our pad dissolves and disintegrates on flushing without clogging the plumbing systems. 

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