Antiviral and Antibacterial efficacy
We help companies globally assess the antibacterial and antiviral efficacy of their products

Microbiology | Virology | innovation | Life sciences
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Lab in a box
Innovating high-performance rapid methods for quick analysis of surface hygiene products

Hygiene | Safety | Life Sciences
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Flushable sanitary pads
Learn more about our game-changing innovation.
Flush away your period worries now!

Flushability | Disposability | Sustainability
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We build “New to the World” products that solve difficult real-world problems

We have deep product development experience in both material sciences and life sciences.

Our Products and Services

Sustainable New Product Development

Our mission is to “scale sustainability”.  We do this by innovating new products and services that improve customer convenience thereby enabling consumers to be sustainable.

Our latest innovation, flushable sanitary pads, does just that. They bring together sustainability, effortless on-site disposal, and customer convenience.

Research and development

We envision a healthy and safe today and tomorrow

In today’s world, infectious diseases (mainly caused by bacteria, viruses, or insects) have become a major public health issue.

Our team of scientists uses cutting-edge science to build products and technologies in the area of infection prevention and control.

Our Infrastructure and Facility


Carlo Centonze | CEO | HEIQ

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Omar Hoek | COO | Mativ

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Paul Marold | CEO | Aeristus, Inc.

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